And so the adventure begins…

I’ve made it safely to Doha airport and am just waiting for my connection to take me onto Adelaide.  I’ll not lie, saying goodbye to my family this morning was hellish.  I had managed to keep myself pretty much together until the best boyfriend in the world hugged me and I was undone by his affection.  I sobbed through the security checks, being ignored by fellow passengers and cared for by the excellent Qatar airlines staff.  I was ok wandering around duty free wishing I knew more about perfume, but eventually had to turn off my phone as the Facebook messages and texts were reducing me to tears.  I definitely felt the love J


I’ve never been on a ‘big’ plane and loved it the moment I boarded.  I would describe myself as a nervous flyer usually all that went out the window when I got on board – it was just like the movies!  I hadn’t even realised we had taken off as I was already plugged into Guardians of the Galaxy 2.  Cried a bit watching a movie called Going in Style but I’m at a very funny age….  Even managed to doze off a bit in front of some BBC documentary about extraordinary hotels, just like I do at home.


I’m now sitting in Doha airport waiting for my connecting flight to Adelaide.  This place is amazing.  I feel like I’m in a Bond villains lair – it’s fabulous.  There is a small white train which runs through the centre on a raised track which is all very sci-fi.  Having been sat for seven hours on a plane, I ventured off to walk a bit.  It’s a different world to the one I’m used to J  I shop in Lidl and Morrisons mostly but here I have the choice of Harrods, Polo, Swarovski and weirdly WH Smith.  The airport smells vaguely of expensive cigars and languages are being spoken loudly which I cannot identify.  People sound a bit aggressive to my European ear but all are friendly.  This really is an awfully big adventure for someone who grew up in a village and still thinks going to London is intrepid.

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