There are two kinds of time…

heart clockIt strikes me that there are two kinds of time when you travel. There is emotional time and actual time. When you plan an awfully big adventure like a Churchill Fellowship you think in emotional time. You think that a month away from your children, the love of your life, your mum and all your friends seems like far too long. You appreciate that those you love have encouraged you and promised you that it will fly by and you will soon be home. My family told me to rest, to use this adventure as a time to just go where I wanted to go, to totally please myself, to eat out and treat myself and not worry about the caring responsibilities which I worked so hard to make sure were covered before I left.

Then there is real time. The actual hours you have whilst you are away to gather all the knowledge, experience and wisdom that a Churchill Fellowship awards you. I listened to the advice not to over book myself, but felt guilty that I had gaps in my week.  On arrival, those gaps were quickly filled and now, not even half way through this amazing trip, I already don’t have enough time to do all the things, to meet all the people, to read all the words, to hear all the stories.   This trip has opened my eyes to the world.  It has made me realise that I am much less interested in space as I am in people. The sights have been nice, but it’s the people who have enriched and changed my world view.  I can only see and do so much whilst I am here, but this experience has caused a curiosity about the world and a need to know and go further and further which I hope never ends 🙂 (sorry kids, I will come home soon xxx)

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